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    James Wetmore

    Finding God’s Love
    The Theory and Practice of Love and Devotion as a Spiritual Path

    by Ethan Walker III

    🔰 Finding God’s Love · READ MORE 🔰

    • Release date: December 31, 2004
    • Language: english
    • Author: Ethan Walker III
    • Format: paperback, 158 pages
    • Publisher: Devi Press
    • ISBN: 9780972931717 (0972931716)

    About The Book

    Love is the primal essence. Love is the light of the Divine which fills the vastness of eternity with the sweet fragrance of immortal bliss. The practice of love and devotion is an ancient path leading to direct mystical experience of the Supreme. Notable teachers of this path include Jesus, Hafiz, Narada, Ramprasad, and Ammachi. Finding God’s Love is suitable for any pilgrim of any faith who wishes to experience a direct and personal communion with the Divine God’s lovers will find immediate access to God’s inner chamber where they will revel in the bliss and joy of the universe; divinely intoxicated in the breath of the eternally radiant now.

    The first part of the book reveals how love works to release the human psyche from the fetters of its own self-imposed limitations. Love is the antidote to all negative emotions. Love cleans the lens of the soul allowing the light of the Divine to percolate up from the center of our being illuminating our personal world. The second part of the book explains the practical aspects of this path including meditations, visualizations and prayer. The last section is a collection of related teachings from Ammachi, the hugging saint, who is an incarnation of love and compassion.

    Love is what makes life beautiful because God is love. Love nourishes the delicate flowering of the immortal soul vanquishing boredom once and for all in the magnificence of its ever-fresh ever-mysterious river of divine grace. This book is an invitation to ecstasy to swim in the ocean of God.

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