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    • Dining Out
      Check out my blog post on dining out for some helpful hints.  Have more questions for discussion? Write them up here- you'll soon find some help!
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    • 2 weeks ago


    • Friends and Relationships
      Are you curious about how to talk to your friends about your allergies? Or.... perhaps  your friend has food allergies? Want to help them out? Check out my blog on being a PAL, and ask more questions here.
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    • 4 weeks, 1 day ago


    • Middle/High School
      Are you starting your time as an independent young person managing your allergies for yourself? As a survivor of middle and high school, I have all kinds of wisdom in my blog, but if you have more things that you want to discuss, feel free to ask here!
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       Julia (Admin)

    • Newly Diagnosed?
      Curious about your fate as a teen with food allergies? Want to learn how allergies work? Check out my blog post, and if you have more things to discus, share your concerns here!
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    • 11 months ago


    • Travel
      Check out my blog about traveling with food allergies for some insight? If there's anything else that you'd like to discuss, bring it up here! I'd love to help you out with some suggestions!
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