Marching Around the Mid-Atlantic

I’m a very active person who never lets my allergies stop me from going on adventures.  As our time in quarantine has reached over a year, it’s hard for me to stay at home all day. But you can only March around campus so many times before it gets stale. Luckily I have roommates who share my love of adventure and are willing to go on weekend day trips during our final semester together. Each weekend this month has been filled with a cool excursion including New York City, to Longwood Gardens, Washington DC, and the Middle Patuxent Environmental Area in Maryland. 

Both NYC and DC were trips run with my roommates so that they could tour grad schools they’ve been accepted to before committing.  We took so many pictures together both as a way to remember each school and to capture memories of our time together.  It was so refreshing to see proper mask-wearing on most people in the cities, and it almost felt like a piece of the world was slowly getting back to normal. For lunches out, I didn’t get too adventurous, and we just got food from chains I was familiar with so that we knew I would be safe.  Since it was cold in NYC, we ate in our car to stay warm and avoid the potential exposure of eating indoors, but by the end of the month, the weather was wonderful for a meal out in a green space in the DC. 

I met up with my parents for a trip to Longwood Gardens to celebrate my boyfriend’s birthday.  Since it was early in the season, there weren’t that many things blooming outside, but it was still a beautiful day to walk around the grounds.  The conservatory was filled with all kinds of beautiful colors, bringing some vibrant contrast to the early blooms of the outdoors.  

My Middle Patuxent trip was created as an excuse to visit my friend Kathryn who has been living at home during the pandemic.  This environmental area had all kinds of cool things to explore, including 4 creek crossings and two snake sightings!  And after our 7 miles of hiking, Kathryn’s mom bought us all ice cream from Scoops and Paddles, which is a 100% nut free creamery. I’ve never felt so free in choosing an ice cream flavor! 

As the weather gets warmer, and the country slowly gains herd immunity, I am so excited for the adventures yet to come.  In the meantime, I guess I need to stop procrastinating on my midterms and post this blog!

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