A-Z Allergies

I can’t believe that summer is almost over! Alexa from Food Allergies in the Food Industry and I are wrapping up our summer collaborations with an A-Z allergy series.  Be sure to check out Alexa’s post for A-M before reading the rest of the alphabet here on my page.


Peanuts and Tree Nuts are two of the top 8 allergens- and Alexa and I are allergic to both!

Others assuming you’re allergic to literally everything

It always happens- you hang out with friends but eventually everyone gets hungry.  And for some reason, despite your decades of experience eating safe foods, other people assume that you can’t eat anything because they just associate you with having allergies to “everything”. Alternatively, you get the people who assume that something is safe for you because it’s vegan or gluten-free, ignoring what your actual allergies are.


As someone who dislikes having to keep track of a meds bag, clothes with large pockets allow me to carry my medicine without fear of misplacing it.

Questioning everything you eat

Sometimes, and I am very guilty of this, I will assume a previously safe brand has continued to be safe.  But sometimes it isn’t.  So you check the label again after eating the food because you remember that you should always double check. 

Rescue inhaler

For when your asthma gets kicked off during a reaction

Skin prick test

Another classic childhood allergist experience, who doesn’t love watching their skin react to potential allergens in real time!

Top-8 free foods

A great thing to see while searching for a snack, but you still have to be cautious since sometimes they use my allergens to supplement things (usually in place of wheat flours or as a milk substitute). 

Unlabeled allergens

Sometimes allergens, like coconut, can be hidden in “natural flavoring”

Voice your concerns

You have to be a self-advocate for your food allergies. If something is unsafe for you, speak up and educate others.

Wary of food without labels

When you can’t see the label for a food, it’s just not safe to eat, end of story.

eXtra cautious while traveling

When traveling, it may be harder to get to the nearest hospital in  case of a reaction, or you might be in a country where no one speaks your language.  In these situations, it is imperative to be cognizant of all the food you eat to ensure safety.

You take care of you and your allergies

Sometimes not eating the same food as others makes you feel a little bit different.  But that is ok, because different is keeping you safe, and you only need to take care of yourself. 

allergies defining the Zeitgeist of your childhood

Your allergies can be the distinctive and connecting spirit of your childhood as you go through life’s challenges.

Thanks to Alexa for a fun summer of blog collaborations! Be sure to check out our past two articles (1 and 2) and the ones on her blog for the full adventure.

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