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Valentine’s Fun

Snow is on the ground and love is in the air! And that can only mean one thing- it’s Valentine’s Day! This greeting card holiday has become so much about food, but at the root of it, Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the important relationships in your life, including friends and family.

This year, my roommate Lindsay and I decided to make some easy top-8 allergy friendly valentines treats for ourselves, and some completely food-free gifts from the dollar store for the rest of the people on our floor.

Strawberry Hearts

  1. Cut strawberries in half.

2. Melt a cup of safe chocolate chips with a teaspoon of safe oil. I recommend Enjoy Life’s top-8 free chocolate chips and canola oil for an allergy friendly version.

3. Dip the strawberries in chocolate.

My roommate, Lindsay dipping the strawberries in chocolate.

4. Enjoy!

For the floor

We went to the Dollar Store near our college and bought a pack of Star Wars valentines to give to everyone on our floor. We also got small packs of seasonal stickers to hand to our friends.

Food-free fun is a great way to be inclusive and safe on any holiday, and I hope your Valentine’s Day is the best one yet!

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