Allergy-Free Activities

Food-less Christmas Fun

Christmas is a great time to get together with family and friends, but often Christmas parties and activities involve lots of food, baking, and other risky things for those of us with food allergies.  Luckily, non-food seasonal activities can be just as fun.  Here are 10 of my favorite winter activities that don’t involve food:

  1. Making snowflakes.  Nothing is more wintery than making snowflakes, and there are so many creative ways to do this, that the fun might never end.  This is my favorite kind of snowflake to make.
  2. Taking a Christmas lights tour.  Some people go crazy hanging up Christmas lights, and you get to appreciate all of their hard work for free.  Take a drive with your friends around the area and maybe you’ll find a house that has lights coordinated with music!
  3. Play in the snow.  If you are lucky enough to get snow during your Christmas break, cherish the moment, channel your inner child, and go crazy.  Any chance you have to sing “Do you Want to Build a Snowman?” while actually building a snowman is a great time.
  4. Decorate the Christmas Tree. I look forward to decorating the tree with my family each year.  Our tree is filled with such an amazing mix-match of ornaments that really tell the story of all the places we’ve gone and things we’ve enjoyed and reliving those memories is so heart-warming.
  5. Ice Skating. There’s just something special about going to an outdoor ice skating rink with your friends that makes it so especially Christmassy.  Even if the only rink you have access to is indoors, the experience will still be exciting.
  6. Go Christmas Caroling.  I LOVE singing, and nothing is better than walking through a neighborhood with a group of friends while you sing your favorite Christmas carols and spread Christmas cheer.
  7. Make craft kits. Back in elementary school you always made some cheap foam craft to give to your parents as a present. Now that you are older, these crafts are just as fun, and will look even nicer with your big-kid craft skills.  They make all kinds of kits, including food-free gingerbread! 
  8. Go to the Mall.  If you’ve ever wondered what absolute mayhem looks like, its the mall during the week before Christmas.  Whether you go on a hunt for the perfect gift, ugliest sweater, or even just sit on a bench and people watch, malls are the place to be in December.
  9. Watch Christmas movies.  Everyone has their favorite Christmas movie, so why not share yours with the people you enjoy? You’ll never know what new classic might be added to your yearly watch list (my favorite is Olive, the Other Reindeer)!
  10. Volunteer somewhere.  Christmas is a time of goodwill, sharing, and selflessness after all!  Volunteer at a local shelter, help sort donations at a soup kitchen, run an activity at a local retirement community, write letters to those stuck in the hospital, knit a hat for someone in need, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Holidays everyone!

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