Quick Summer Update

Long time no post! This summer was super busy for me, so I am going to be posting about all of my summer adventures over the next three weeks before school starts again so that I can share all of my experiences with you.  My summer started off with a two week trip to China with the University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra which is probably the scariest trips I’ve ever taken as an allergic person.  Not only did I have to worry about a language barrier, but I also faced a lack of education and understanding that I have not experienced many other times in my life.  The day I got back began my training for my summer job as a day camp counselor.  I didn’t realize how many lessons about allergies I would have to teach during this job, but without my advocacy it would have been a difficult summer for some of the campers.  Finally, I took  two beach trips- a day trip with my co-workers and a week trip with my family- before having to pack up for college again.  Looking forward to sharing my content with you!

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