Home Sweet Home

Hello everyone! Happy 2018! Long time no post… Well, since I’m a college student, I have been home on winter break for over a month now, so I don’t have too many fun and exciting stories to share about eating since most of my food has been made at home or in the case of me going out to eat with friends, I’ve just been going to restaurants that I am familiar with and that I’ve dined in before.  My schedule has also a bit hectic since I’ve been busy taking two online courses, applying for summer jobs, shadowing at a physical therapist, and reconnecting with friends from high school.  And while I haven’t had many interesting experiences to write about, I’ve been thinking about how I want to re-organize my blog schedule.

I was thinking about maybe going to an every-other week posting schedule, since that will give me more time to collect more stories and experiences to share in a blog post.  I know that this will reduce the quantity of posts, but it will most likely improve the quality of each post.  If any of you ever have a topic you’d like to see me discuss be sure to tell me in the comments! I’ll try to come up with some fun and creative posts for you soon!

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