Thanks FARE, for Giving me Opportunities!

Tonight, I will finally be coming home for Thanksgiving break, and during that car ride, I have the chance to reflect on one new thing that I’m thankful for.  As you know, I am a Teen Advisor Group member for Food Allergy Research and Education.  FARE  provides so many amazing opportunities for its TAG members. The best opportunities for any allergic teens, TAG or not, come from Teen Summit.  Sadly, Teen Summit has been in California for the past two years, and so I have not been able to go.  In the past, I have attended three Teen Summits and met all kinds of new people who share the same food allergy struggles.  Once I became a TAG member, I even got to lead small group discussions and activities, which made the experience even more fun.  This week, I learned the exciting news that Teen Summit was coming back to the east coast , so I might be able to go next year, and that’s super exciting!

But this was not the only exciting news from FARE and TAG this week.  Once TAG members applications are accepted in the beginning of the year, you are presented with the opportunity to sign up for certain events and positions.  One of these opportunities was the ability to write a guest blog post for the official FARE Blog.  When I saw this opportunity, I added my name to the November slot and now my post is live! The prompt for the November blog spot was “managing allergies during the holidays”, and so I wrote an article about what I do to celebrate the holidays safely.   I submitted my blog post a few days before the due date so just to be safe, and then held a nice email conversation with the woman in charge to make sure that everything was set and that they had pictures to go along with the post.  Yesterday morning, my own words got published on a real organization’s website and I couldn’t be happier.

I am so thankful for this blogging opportunity and for all the programming that FARE has for teens with food allergies because they have helped to make me the successful person that I am today.

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