Halloween in College

Halloween on a college campus is not just a one day event.  Halloween is more of a Halloweek- peaking with Halloweekend of October 27-29. My campus did several things to get into the spirit and it was overall quite exciting.

Two weekends before Halloween, my dorm had a Halloween decorating contest.  This was created because the service project associated with my dorm is B+ Foundation.  Once a month, we host an event for a family that has a child who suffers from cancer to help them feel more normal and appreciated through the B+ Foundation.  So we had 3 little boys trick or treat in our building that Sunday.  To keep it exciting, the floors all decorated their halls and it was quite interesting to see all the themes ranging from Scooby Doo, to Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin, to Nightmare Before Christmas.   This event kicked off all kinds of other Halloween themed things.

During the week before Halloween, various organizations threw themed events to get kids in the spirit (or to prevent them from making bad life choices to go to more… dangerous… events).  One that I participated in (and particularly enjoyed) was the Wednesday before Halloween, when National Honor Society for the Dance Arts hosted a free dance class where we learned how to do the dance to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  There were all kinds of free horror and Halloween themed movies shown at the student center on Thursday night until Halloween.  There were also fun themed events at the student centers where everyone dressed up on Friday and Saturday nights.  I only went to the Friday one because my choir concert was on Saturday night and I was too tired to do anything after that.

On Halloween itself, the festivities continued.  Every Tuesday and Thursday, I have a mandatory workshop from 8-9am lead by an upperclassman as part of my biology and chemistry course where we work on workbook problems.  When I got there on Halloween, the workshop leader had put decorative ziploc bags of assorted Halloween candies on our desk.  Sadly I could not eat any of it, but I asked the other students to not eat it during class, and all was well.   When I got back to my room, I gave it to my roommate to eat outside of our room and she enjoyed having it.  I did not care too much because about not getting to eat this candy because my parents had shipped me a little package from Vermont Nut Free Chocolate (HIGHLY recommend to all you guys with nut allergies) and I got to enjoy that treat.  I received more treats later in the day in my other classes.  My Biology professor gave out the little bags of pumpkin shaped pretzels to all of us, and my Chem professor gave out dum dum pops.  I was excited that I could have both of these treats, but it still felt weird being able to eat the things in lecture and I felt bad for anyone who had a wheat allergy or gluten sensitivity.

On Halloween night, I had wanted to go to see the movies at the student center, but alas, I had orchestra rehearsal from 4:30-7:00.  So, a group of my orchestra friends and I decided to have our own celebration after the rehearsal.  We got take out dinner after rehearsal and went up to my dorm and made hot tea, ate our dinners, and watched Nightmare Before Christmas on Netflix.  It was a great way to spend the evening together.

And just like that, October was over.  Once November hit, it was back to the grind of my mundane college workload.  I hope you all had a safe Halloween! I’d love to hear about what you did!

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