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Now that this blog has been up and running for a few weeks, it’s time for a life update.  Last night I gave my final presentation to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania Gold Award Committee, and successfully earned a tiny gold pin that commemorates my achievement.  So in today’s blog, I’m going to take a break from my very informative allergy-related topics and talk about what I did to earn my Gold Award.

Before any work began on my actual project, I had to finish all the prerequisites. This occurred in my freshman and sophomore years of high school when I completed my Sow What and Girltopia Journeys and attended Gold Award Training. After a very busy junior year, I decided that I wanted to carry out an idea that I had from attending FARE’s Teen Summit. So last fall, I filled out all of the paperwork in the proposal form and submitted it by Thanksgiving.

Then I presented my proposal to the council in December and was approved to start working. As senior year began to overwhelm me, the project got pushed back until somehow it became the summer, and my time was running short. I began by writing blog posts and scripts for all kinds of topics that I could potentially post on YouTube and my blog. Then I began to make arrangements with my friends to film the videos. I received some technical assistance in creating my website from my friend Aidan, some filming advice from my cousin Chris, and some help with iMovie from my friend Emma. I also had to make lots of phone calls and write lots of emails to arrange my community presentations.

In the end, I spent over 108 hours creating my website and videos, holding the community presentations, and doing all kinds of paperwork and communication. I created sustainable content online and the knowledge that I have shared with those who attended my presentations will stay with them forever, and I had my audience crest impact statements to prove it.  I took action on a cause that is near to my heart, and I hope that I made a difference for someone else who has food allergies.  And after last night’s presentation, I am officially a gold award recipient.

From doing this project, I have learned a lot of skills that will help me throughout college and life. I learned to persevere when the project became more challenging and I had crowds that were too small, or when my  poster board fell over in the wind outside, or when I couldn’t find places to present.  I learned how to communicate effectively with important people over the phone and emails.  I learned how to get others excited about my passions, because you can’t change the world alone.  And most importantly, I learned that I am capable of doing anything that I set my mind to.

If you are a Girl Scout, I’d love to hear if you’ve worked on a Gold or Silver Award and what you learned from your project in the comments.  I’m also willing to offer advice for any girls considering their journey towards a higher award.

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